Urban Radio

Summer 2023, really ?

This summer has been a complete wash out in the UK so far, but here at Urban Radio we have been using time indoors wisely to bring you even more audio production goodness.

In case you didn’t know The Urban Radio Powerpack 2 is now available, 50 really useful effects, vocals and drop ins. The feedback so far has been really good, these are normally really hard to find elements, so grab your pack now.https://www.urbanradio.co.uk/the-urban-radio-powerpack-2-is-here-exclusive/

Also if you’re looking for really hot pre made and very affordable intros, we have a whole suite of really top quality and powerful intros all customisable for just £19.99…here the energy https://www.urbanradio.co.uk/dj-intros/

Also check our Soundcloud page for new stuff https://soundcloud.com/djjingles and if you need any advice or help with a script or anything else to with jingles and radio production drop me a line https://www.urbanradio.co.uk/get-in-touch/

Oh, and enjoy the sun…