DJ Intros

We’ve made available some of our best DJ intros, ready to go, all we need is a short script from you up to 18 words.

Just choose the intro you want enter your script and we will send you a PayPal invoice to your email address. All intros are priced at £19.99 each, you will also get a dry version of your intro, just the spoken part. Or buy now, just scroll to the bottom of the page and pick your intro and enter the script, we’ll do the rest. Your intro will be with you in 24 hours

Examples of scripts..

Your in the mix with DJ AB playing the best house music on the planet

Keeping the beats going with DJ AB it’s about that time to drop the bass

Flava Intro

Especially crafted for Old School Hip Hop and RNB DJs and setssimply add your message and get ready to BLAZE !!

Blow Your Speakers

This intro is full of energy and can be used with a lot of music genres, short and sweet but makes a massive impact.

Party People

Lots of different elements in this intro, perfect for old school sets or parties, and makes an event even bigger.

Feel it Coming On

Featuring the vocals of Kele Le Roc, the driving beats and high energy impacts make this intro perfect to segue into today’s music.

Summer Jam

Want an intro that just oozes Summer vibes, this is the one.

Hands Up !

Another DJ intro that perfectly fuses the old with the new and gives your radio show a massive impact.

Ibiza Takeover

Pure Ibiza flavour on this intro, high energy house style that really works for anything with a dance playlist.

Good Life Intro

Perfect for old school house sets, fusing some real classics together, if you play a lot of re-edits this one could work for you.

NRG Intro

We thought about a title for this one but NRG really nails it, as it’s just pure energy with a massive build up and a even bigger drop.

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