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Happy New Year 2021

As we move into another year, I just wanted say thank you to all of our customers for their continued custom during 2020. Just as your life changed so did ours, we went from doing a lot of event adverts to Government funded COVID infomercials, and a ton of lockdown imaging. Having a lot of […]

Trapped Col Abrams The Urban Radio Club Classic Mix

Shortly after the untimely death of Colonel Abrams we came across the original 12″ in our vast vinyl vault, containing the acapella version. Instead of doing a re-edit or composing a new backing track, we went down another route, incorporating as many big club beats as possible. This started as a bit of fun but […]

Holed Up in the hills radio

Holed up in the hills radio is a Soundcloud only radio station, sounds crazy doesn’t it? However with a loyal following of nearly 19,000 my bet would be that they have more listeners than pretty much every community radio station in the UK. It’s easy to see why when you listen, a really exceptional curated […]

Our new website !

At last we have a new website that is mobile friendly, in this news section we will be updating you with special projects and offers.

Centreforce Radio

There has been at lot of buzz around after the relaunch of Centreforce radio last year. Originally on air in 89 it quickly became a legend in dance music history, with it’s DJs mixing non stop and playing a wide selection of house music it complemented the newly arrived rave scene perfectly. They put on […]