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Halloween is coming…

Every year Halloween seems to come earlier, well known TV shows and streamers are using it as their cornerstone content. We of course can help you out with any kind of spooky intros or Halloween themed imaging. Please get in touch if you’ve got something custom you want making, we would love to hear your […]

HOT FM Costa Blanca

Hot FM is based in the Costa Blanca region of Spain and has a format of non-stop dance music. They wanted to refresh their imaging and we provided a suite of new production. Massive top of hour intros and imaging pieces that keep the energy. They sound great on air and make Hot FM a […]

Faceys 80s on Streetsounds Radio

Faceys 80s on Streetsounds Radio. Popular DJ Steve Facey made a welcome return to the radio at the end of 2020 with a brand new 80s show on the iconic Streetsounds radio. Playing some incredible 80s tunes that we had all forgotten about. Having worked with Steve since the Choice FM days back in 2000, […]