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Radio/Podcast Intros…what do they sound like ?

That’s something we get asked a lot, what music shall we use ? what message should I put in ? How long should it be ?

Well the right answer is ? There is no right answer. So what should they sound like ?

Ideally your radio or podcast intro should try and set the scene for the forthcoming content, and that’s it. Think about what you do in your show, and try capture the flavour, think about the listener they need to understand what your show will sound like just by hearing your introduction. If it’s crap sounding or really cliched (think Thunderbirds themes) then you’re not going to have them sticking around. The script ? Well to be honest the shorter the better, you don’t really need showtimes or website addresses. Here’s an example for a Friday night show, the music is Friday themed, the samples fit the music and most importantly it sets the scene for the music content of the next 2 hours.

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