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Holed Up in the hills radio

Holed up in the hills radio is a Soundcloud only radio station, sounds crazy doesn’t it? However with a loyal following of nearly 19,000 my bet would be that they have more listeners than pretty much every community radio station in the UK.

It’s easy to see why when you listen, a really exceptional curated mix of music you know, think you know and want to know. The tagline is re-edits, re-grooves and remixes, from the North to the nation. That’s all we know really, apart from every couple of years we get a big order for more jingles from “The Reverend”

You can hear the station here https://soundcloud.com/holedupinthehillsradio

You can hear the imaging here https://soundcloud.com/djjingles/holed-up-in-the-hills-laid-back-demo

Order yours https://www.urbanradio.co.uk/hear-our-work/