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Centreforce Radio

There has been at lot of buzz around after the relaunch of Centreforce radio last year. Originally on air in 89 it quickly became a legend in dance music history, with it’s DJs mixing non stop and playing a wide selection of house music it complemented the newly arrived rave scene perfectly. They put on parties too and managed to get a bit of a reputation off the air , although it now seems most of this was fake news as part of the government’s moves to nulify a scene it just couldn’t control.

They came back in the last quarter of 2018 and got a spot on the Londonwide DAB multiplex “London 2”, this means they can be heard perfectly across the whole of London and the Home Counties.

We were very pleased to start working with the management and DJs in creating an audio brand for this completely unique station, not least because it allowed us to dust off some classic vinyl. Hear what we’ve been doing below, if you like Old School, you’re in for a treat.

Hear the station http://centreforce.streamgb.com:8830/320

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